• Earth-742

     DC Heroes remains one of my favorite RPGs. Long out of print and more RPGs {Superhero & others) have come and gone than i can hope to count, yet i love it as much as i did when i first got it and started running Adventures with it. If not More!

     Sadly, being out of print has its up and downs. I got the 3rd Edition from a local game store and later found a pdf copy of it online. More recently i was able to download a usable pdf of module 233, The Superman Sourcebook (1987). But trying to find more I have hit a ton of dead ends, malware and adware traps. I'm hoping some DC fans in the various wikia communities can help me find more of these Lost Treasures.

     The moudules i'm looking for (pdf prefereably) the most are: Green Lantern Corps…

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