Superboy Kon-El

Kon-EL; Superboy


Superboy was created by Lex Luthor after he cloned superman, but his clone went rogue. At first Conner had to use gadgets in order for it to seem like he had super powers until his kryptonian DNA kicked in and he slowly gained the powers of superman. After escaping luthor, Conner joined Kals family and eventually joined as a member of the TITANS. Conner was considered an extremely valuable member of the team and dear friend until luthor activated a switch inside conner, causing him to become remote-controlled by luthor and almost destroying the titans. After the titans managed to turn his switch off, Conner began working with Raven on self control so that way if anyone tried to control him again, he would be able to resist it. Superboy was then eventually killed during the Infinte Crisis, and was placed inside supermans healing chamber, while a superboy from the future was sent back in time after he was healed to be with the team. Superboy is also considered the brother of Supergirl and boyfriend of Wonder girl


Heat vision - heat beams shot out of the users eyes

Freeze Breath - Sub-zero air blown out of the users mouth, freezing anything near it


Superhuman hearing